The perfect option for a lush new lawn.

If you want to create a new lawn as part of landscaping for your new build or garden renovation, or your current lawn is past its best and needs replacing, hydro-seeding is a good option for a lush green lawn.

Hydro-seeding involves spraying a carefully selected mixture of seeds, fertiliser, mulch and water over your lawn area to provide optimal growing conditions for your new grass. The mulch helps the seeds bond with the soil and provides protection from birds and weeds as well as retaining moisture, while the fertiliser helps deliver the right nutrients to the seeds.

With hydro-seeding spray-on grass your new lawn starts to look good in as little as five days, is looking lush in around three weeks, and is ready to use another two or three weeks after that.

If you think hydro-seeding could be a good option for your home or business in Auckland, get in touch with the experts at It’s Grass today to arrange a site assessment.

Trust your hydro-seeding process to the lawn experts at It's Grass

The It’s Grass team have sown lawns in plenty of different situations, of all shapes and sizes and have new lawns down to a fine art.

It’s Grass doesn’t focus on anything except lawns and lawn care, so you are guaranteed an expert job when you book us to lay your new grass.

Our team knows that a good lawn needs good preparation and so we pay extra attention to making sure your ground is suitably prepared to receive hydro seed spraying. From weed control to earth levelling, It’s Grass expertly prepare your ground beforehand.






Keep your new grass green with good aftercare

Once the hydro-seeding process has been completed you’ll need to leave your lawn for a few weeks to allow the seeds to germinate, the grass to bond with the soil, and for the lawn to grow.

It’s Grass can help you treat your grass with care in the initial important weeks including setting up irrigation systems if needed.

In the long-term, our team can also offer advice on lawn care including mowing regimes, fertilisation and extra seasonal care such as aeration and de-thatching. Or, if you prefer, you can book It’s Grass to do the lawn maintenance management.

It's Grass is your first choice for hydro-seeding in Auckland

If you are looking to have a lawn that will be the envy of your Auckland neighbours, a hydro-seeded lawn from It’s Grass is the perfect choice – giving you great results in a short time frame and proving a cost-effective solution to a new lawn.

To ensure the best outcome for your new lawn, It’s Grass will arrange an on-site assessment so our team can work out the best preparation and sowing plan for your plot. And don’t forget you can also book us for lawn care during those critical first few weeks, and in the long-term to ensure your grass stays green.

It’s Grass can organise hydro-seeding for residential land and small commercial areas, so contact us today to discuss a quote.

“We’ve had 3 great results at different homes and highly rate the growth rate. Its Grass – just do it.”

Gareth Wheeler