Grass seeding and lawn care FAQs

Q: How long after hydroseeding will my lawn take to grow?
A: Your lawn will grow in approximately 3 weeks after hydroseeding if conditions allow and watering has been undertaken as directed.


Q: How long before we can use the lawn?
A: Whilst the lawn will strike in approximately 3 weeks, it will need about another two – three weeks to develop a strong healthy root system to withstand rigorous use.

Q: What do I do if I can’t water the lawn initially?
A: Install an appropriate irrigation system or rig up a temporary sprinkler on a battery timer that will water your lawn for you automatically.


Q: How do I know when I need to fertilise my lawn?
A: When the grass starts to go a little yellow in colour it means it is in need of nutrient. A healthy, well nourished lawn should remain a vibrant green colour.


Q: How do I know what to fertilise my lawn with?
A: Most well known brands of lawn fertiliser will be general enough to suffice in most situations. Or you could buy a simple soil testing kit from your local garden centre and test the soil to see what it needs. Or consult your lawn care professional.


Q: Why can’t I cut my grass really low because that’s how I like it.
A: Cutting the grass right to the soil will only kill the grass. Keeping the grass no lower than 25mm keeps some moisture around the grass and also allows sunlight to be absorbed.


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