Parched Lawn

Parched Lawn

Is your Lawn suffering from the Ravages of a Hot and Dry Summer?

Prevent your lawn from deterioration before it is too late, with some IMMEDIATE ACTION!

A not so proud looking lawn, showing the visible effects of Hot and Dry Summer Stress
Now a proud looking lawn, with the required recommendation, care and attention it deserves

What options do you have?

Some of the options available

  • An application of wetting agent to help soil absorb and hold water, meaning your lawn doesn’t dry out so easily between watering’s, therefore reducing stress.
  • A top dressing application of premium quality organic lawn soil ( Weed free) to aid the ability of the soil to feed and stimulate root growth thereby reducing stress.
  • Review mowing techniques and mowing heights to help retain moisture around the root zone.
  • Review watering systems or programmes to help build your lawn resilience in times of stress.
  • Possible oversowing and fertilising to build back the lawn and repair damage.
  • Plan for any more advanced remediation required in the forthcoming Premium Autumn growing season.

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