Ready Turf

Get an evenly laid, hard-wearing surface with instant turf

Instant turf is the ideal option if you need coverage in a hurry, either for a complete new area of grass or for repairs to specific areas.

You won’t have to wait for seeds to grow or worry about even coverage. Combined with a professionally installed grass irrigation system, a ready turf solution can withstand plenty of use.

Why choose this option?

While an instant lawn can be more expensive than planting grass seeds and waiting for them to grow, it offers you some extra benefits:

Ideal for grass repairs

If you need to repair or replace one or two areas of your lawn, then instant turf can be a good alternative to grass seed, as it gives immediate results. You won’t be left with bare patches of lawn while you’re waiting for grass seed to sprout.

It’s Grass can often match new turf to the type of grass in the rest of the area to ensure future growth is consistent and requires the same level of care.

Get your instant lawn laid right.

Even though instant turf comes ready to be laid, it still pays to use a professional rather than trying to do it yourself.

Our team specialises in creating the perfect lawn. It’s what we do every day – we simply lay grass and plant grass seed, and we do it well.