Seasonal care

Grass treatment - for healthy lawns all year round

It’s Grass is here to help you create the best-looking lawn possible. That means being equipped with the right grass treatment knowledge to keep grass looking great all year round.

The best way to ensure this is to be aware of the different requirements of your lawns throughout the seasons. Spring and autumn are the main grass growing seasons, while winter and summer are all about maintaining the lawn through periods of stress. Here are our tips for maintaining your lawn throughout the changing seasons:


  • Prepare and sow new lawns after spraying to control any weeds.
  • Aerate if necessary
  • Dethatch any build-up of dead grass and organic matter
  • Fertilise in early spring
  • Oversow with new seed to any bare patches on existing lawns
  • Top dress with organic matter
  • Top up fertiliser to get through summer


  • Raise mowing height
  • Top dressing
  • Irrigation – long, deep infrequent watering
  • If sowing lawns over summer, look to make use of irrigation and possible covering with shade cloth
  • In late summer, spray off any lawn areas that you want to re-sow in autumn


  • This is the prime growing season so prepare to sow new lawns
  • Oversow existing lawn
  • Dethatch
  • Aerate
  • Apply a slow-release fertiliser to nurture over winter
  • Top dress


  • Switch your mower from mulching to the catcher, as the grass will need access to light.
  • Keep leaves off lawns
  • Cut back any trees that are shading lawn to letmore light in
  • Control broadleaf weeds by hand or spraying so they don’t crowd out dormant or slow growing grasses
  • Watch and spray preventively for diseases and pests
  • In late winter, start spraying off for new sowing in spring
  • Sharpen mower blades, ready for the vigorous growth of spring


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